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It's not easy recruiting on your own.

At the time when global economy is slowly getting out of the recession, every third employer (34%) still meets some obstacles when it comes to selecting suitable candidates for key positions. This rate is 4% higher than the one from 2009, when the world was in the middle of economic crisis.

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Greater efficiency

Unique know-how and wide contact base allows us to successfully reach candidates who already work on similar positions.

Higher quality

We thoroughly verify qualifications and competences of the candidates, which allows you to choose from the best.

Safety guarantee

Your company receives a guarantee for a service, and you eliminate the risk of a failed recruitment.

Instant reaction

We reduce time of the recruitment process to a minimum, and your company can quickly complete workforce shortages with appropriate staff.


Those who reduce costs

With the support of Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny you avoid the costs of running the recruitment process on your own.

Those who plan to recruit

The experts from Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny, basing on their knowledge, experience and wide contact base, will select qualified managers for your company.

Those who develop business

Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny will provide you with workers, who will make your business run smoothly and develop effectively.

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